ECON 3300A – Essay Assignment

ECON 3300A – Essay Assignment

Assignment: write an essay proposal (200 words) and a short essay (2,500 words)
Essay topic:
Students can choose any business and economic policy area such as competition policy, price and entry regulations, international trade policy, environmental policy, policies related to resource development and exploitation, impact of macroeconomic and fiscal policies on businesses etc. Essay must provide analyses as related to Canadian businesses or economy as a whole.
Some examples:
– Canadian companies be taken over by foreign nationals;
– Foreign direct investment in Canada or Canadian direct investment in emerging economies;
– Increasing control of Canadian telecommunication industry by the big three;
– Free trade negotiations between Canada and EU or Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation;
– Current debate on oil and gas exploitation in Canadian western provinces;
– Government stimulus package (e.g. Economic Action Plan in Canada, QE3 in the US) in recession;
– Impact and implications of US-Canadian dollar exchange rates;
– Concern about Canadians being deep in debt and the response or non-response of interest rate;
– Global environment protection and domestic production costs;
– Role of IMF in global economic stabilization;
– Comments and analyses on any current news.

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