earspace engineering – advanced manufacturing

The Assessment with 2 parts
Current material and manufacturing process analysis

 Write a report that clearly describes and critically evaluates the events and

circumstances surrounding the current material choice, manufacturing and assembly

processes used to produce this component. Highlight the potential problems and

issues that arise with the existing material choice and manufacturing/assembly

process. Your report should cover all of the key assessment criteria listed below and

be informed by current academic literature (1500 words maximum) [40%]

Proposed material and manufacturing process

 Recommend ways in which the component could be produced from an alternative

material and/or manufacturing/assembly method. Within your discussions you should

consider at least three different manufacturing processes, for example machining

from solid, additive layer manufacture and composite manufacture. Critically

evaluate your proposal highlighting the main advantages and disadvantages and the

effect of these improvements on the product and organisation in relation to the

assessment criteria listed below; this should be informed by current academic

literature (2500 words maximum) [60%].

Please Note: Your discussion should be informed by current academic literature. This means

that you need to search for literature (company and academic published literature) on the

subject and to use this literature to support your proposals, suggestions or arguments. This

literature should be referenced using the UWE Harvard referencing system.

Assessment Criteria

1. Appraise the main characteristics of the manufacturing processes

2. Evaluate the main manufacturing issues within the organisation

3. Analyse the problems associated with assembly and testing

4. Analyse the integration between design and manufacture to achieve effective design for

function, maintenance and minimum cost

5. Describe and analyse the dynamics of the production facility

6. Demonstrate how measures or performance such as inventory level, throughput,

recurring and non-recurring costs are managed

7. Examine the quality control issues

8. Discuss the supply chain and logistics strategies

9. Outline the H&S issues and considerations

10. Discuss the sustainability and environmental issues and considerations

Notes for Assignment Selection

The delegates in consultation with their managers / company advisors (if appropriate) and/or

the Module Leader will make project selection and allocation. Remember this project is your

vehicle to demonstrate your understanding of advanced manufacturing. The Module Leader

may wish to suggest modifications to the scope and content of proposed projects.

Writing the assessment

The report you produce should reflect 55 hours of work. This time includes background

reading, experience from your own job and the written work required for assessment.

Please refer to the assessment guidelines before beginning your work. This document can

be found under the ‘Resources’ section of the ECCDF/CPD notional award Blackboard site.

Please note that the pass mark is 50% and the assignment, excluding appendices and

tables. The assignment should be between 3000 and 4000 words in length. The maximum

word limit of 4000 words should not be exceeded.


The purpose of the assignment is to apply your knowledge of advanced manufacturing and

assembly to a component or manufacturing/assembly process within your organisation. The

assignment will provide opportunities for delegates to:

 Reflect upon how manufacture and assembly is managed and improved in a chosen


 Evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen manufacture and assembly processes to date

 Gain insights into the problems and opportunities that manufacture and assembly


 Identify potential improvements and significant changes to the manufacturing and

assembly processes

 Achieve an awareness of the wide range of manufacturing and assembly techniques


 Provide a learning framework from which the delegate can achieve the learning

objectives associated with the Advanced Manufacturing module

Learning Outcomes

Delegates must consider the following learning objectives/outcomes when writing the


 Manufacturing technology and the importance of technological developments and

automation in generating and maintaining competitive advantage in the World


 The significance of manufacturing philosophies, approaches, systems and quality in

enhancing the effectiveness and profitability of manufacturing operations.

 The need for co-ordination between the business strategy of the company and its

manufacturing system.

 The importance of the integration of product design, manufacturing system design and

manufacturing technology selection.

 Traditional and new innovative manufacturing processes and assembly techniques used

in the aerospace industry and other developing industrial sectors.

 Propose suitable manufacturing technology and techniques for the production of

specified components and appraise each technique in terms of manufacturing efficiency

and quality.

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