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Ch 21 Oral Language Development
Read chapter 21 in text thoroughly. (Understanding Child Development 9th Edition by Rosalind Charlesworth)

There will be 3 parts to this assignment, but all should be turned in on one typed document as an attachment.

Read over the list of words of 6 words on page 305, in the text for Chapter 21, that researchers had a 4 year old “define” for them.

Create a list of 10 words and then “interview” both a 3-5 year old child and a 6-8 year old child to define your list of words. Both children must define the same list. These children can be related to you and do not have to be your student from your case study (Please do not use the children’s names as it is not necessary to the assignment). You are to write at the top of each page what age child you are interviewing on that page and then write in their definitions with those 10 words. There should be a list with the 3-5 year old’s definitions and a list with the 6-8 year old’s definitions.

After these list write a compare and contrast paragraph of at least 10 sentences how each child’s language development was. How was it similar? How was it different? Use at least 5 terms in the text book chapter to describe their language development and write those terms in bold.

At the end, research and list 5 oral language activities that can be implemented in classrooms for children ages 3-5 years old to help them develop their language skills. Each of these plans should be at least 5 full sentences explaining what the activity is and what it is supposed to accomplish.

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