Early Child Development Assessment Plan

Early Child Development Assessment Plan

Assignment 3 – Assessment Plan
25 points, Due week 5 (Accomplished Practices: a.4 Assessment, a.3 Instructional delivery and
facilitation; NAEYC #1a Child Development, #2a Families, #3a Observation and assessment)
Course Objectives: #1, 6, 11; ESOL 5.1, 5.2
This assignment requires a placement in an early childhood classroom. See Appendix C for
information and forms.
The goal of this assignment is to develop a learner oriented assessment plan. In this activity you will
need to do the following:
1. Consider that you are planning to teach a unit on a target subject area (for instance, social
studies, math concepts, or literacy). Once you select the target area, identify the skills (for
example, rhyming, story sense) or concepts (for example, families, and community members)
as well as the age level. Consult the classroom teacher for appropriate topics and
2. Develop three objectives for your unit. Describe the level of acceptable performance for each
of the learning objectives (What will be the minimum acceptable level to determine that
outcomes have been met?). Each objective must include the criteria for achievement [Forexample, “Students will correctly name 5 out of the 7 farm animals, as recorded on a teachermade
checklist.”(NAEYC #___).]
3. Align them with the NAEYC, state subject area standards/competencies, or Common Core
4. Select/create multiple (at least 3) forms of assessment for pre-assessment, formative
assessment, and post-assessment activities.
a. In a narrative, provide a description about each of the assessments selected for your unit
plan. Include a rationale for the selection of each assessment and how it measures each
learning objective (Why did you choose each one?).
b. Describe how each one serves to appropriately assess the children’s performance.
c. Include a sample of each checklist, observation form, or other assessment method you
have selected and created in the assignment appendix. [Do not include any published,
Copyrighted materials without written permission from the publisher or author!]
5. Create a matrix to describe each assessment, indicate when each will be conducted, and to
show the alignment of the assessments to the objectives, standards, and instructional activities.
List modifications/adaptations that you would need for children with disabilities and ELLs. It is
very important that you use the same pre-assessment activities for your post-assessment.
EC 503 Assignment #3
Templates for Tables
Table 1
Learning Objectives
Assessments Type of assessment Date conducted Modifications/

#1 Pre-assessment:
Formative assessment tasks:
Post assessments:

#2 Pre-assessment:
Formative assessment tasks:
Post assessments:

#3 Pre-assessment:
Formative assessment tasks:
Post assessments:

Table 2

Pre-assessment Results

Pre-Assessment Raw Score

Instructional Adaptations Obj. #1 Obj. #2 Obj. #3
Home Language Developmental Delays/
Note: Objective #1 Raw score = number correct out of ____. Objective #2 Raw score = number correct out of ____. Objective #3 Raw score = number correct out of ____.

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