dutch disease ( briefing note )

dutch disease ( briefing note )

Order Description

“I thought Dutch Disease was something that the Minister of Health should be addressing. Doesn’t it have something to do with dirty toes? Or isn’t it about tulip bulbs or something like that? So, why does the Premier want me to provide him with a briefing note on this issue?

“Exchange rates you say my good Deputy Minister? Ahhhh … seems you know a thing or two about this issue, eh? So what’s the story? What is it? What’s the origin of the phrase? Is it applicable in other countries? Has it struck Canada or is it nonsense in the Canadian context? What are the various points of view about it? What do you recommend we should do about it … more athlete’s foot spray?

“Please put together a two-page briefing note on this issue for me that I can pass on to the Premier. Make a claim. Explain it. Use evidence to support your reasoning. Assess the various viewpoints and make a solid recommendation that flows from your analysis. Remember that the Premier is an economist so you can write using that fancy mumbo jumbo language used by economists …,” said a Minister of Finance who was in the process of taking off his socks.

The Instructions

Your instructions are as follows:

A two page briefing note Times New Roman 12 for text, Times New Roman 11 for tables or charts
Single spaced
Format (no other format is acceptable – subtitles in bold face):
Pages must be numbered (no number on page one)
Paragraphs must be left-margin adjusted (no indenting)
Citations and a bibliography are not required … please note that plagiarism is a serious offence (see below)
Please ensure that paragraphs are separated by a blank line
remember this is a briefing note it should not be more than 2 pages please and it can be written in point form and dont be affraid to use economic terms and please answer all question and use your own words, and add graphs and tables if possible the graph should be on the right hand side and text wrap it , and please dont forget to answer all questons and well structured, and follow the instructions

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