Drug Abuse Concepts, Prevention, and Cessation

Drug Abuse Concepts, Prevention, and Cessation;

Authors: Steve Sussman, Susan L. Ames.

Fresno City College HS 193 Fall 2015
Book Report Instructions

The topic of the book report is the student’s option but it must include relevant
information on drugs and/or alcohol and/or recovery theories

The text of the book report shall be 3 to 4 pages long.

The book report must contain a complete bibliography. Reports with an
inadequate bibliography will receive a grade no higher than a D. The
bibliography does not count as one of the pages of text.

The bibliography format should follow the APA Sample Reference Page
as attached. If you have any questions as to citing a source within the
paper you can ask the instructor, consult the FCC Library, or the FCC
Tutorial Center regarding the most recent edition of the publication manual
of the American Psychological Association

a Plagiarism Policy: Plagiarism is when a student presents another person’s
work as his or her own without appropriate and substantial attribution to
that person who wrote the original work. This means that when you are
writing your report you should either paraphrase or quote materials utilized
and give appropriate credit within the body of the report or the
bibliography. Both the instructor and the college have strong and
unflinching policies on plagiarism. Any instances will be reported to the
college administration. In addition, it will be impossible for the student to
pass the course. Plagiarism is regarded as an act of academic dishonesty

All book reports are to be typewritten in either a 10 or 12 font, using either of the
following types: Ariel or Times New Roman. Margins are to be between 1 to 11/2
inches on any side of the text pages.

0 The text shall be double-spaced.

The paper shall include a cover page that identifies the title of the book report
and your name. It does not count as one of the 3 to 4 pages of text.

The format of the text shall include an Introduction, a Discussion of Findings and
a Conclusion(s). Each section shall be clearly identified and titled.

0 Keep the book report professional.

Remember that this is a book report, not a personal testimonial. If you
have personal experience related to the subject, you may use it to
highlight a point. The grade on you book report will depend on your ability

Drug Abuse

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