Dramatic shifts in main media

Dramatic shifts in main media

Assessment Item 3: Case study
Due Date: Week 12 – no extensions will be granted : October 20 @4.30pm
Word Count: 2000 – 2500 words
Weighting: 30%
Individual assessment

Marketing in Action. 11.1 Dramatic shifts in main media. Pages 346 – 348

In report format, read the case study, analyse it and answer the following four questions.

1. How has the changing communications environment affected the way that companies communicate with their customers?

2. The growth in ownership of tablets increases the way that consumers can access print media. Do you think there is any chance that tablets and smartphones could halt the decline in magazine readership, making the media more attractive to advertisers?

3. Television advertising is still a massive part of total advertising expenditure, what changes could possible make advertisers move away from this media?

4. When advertisers develop online campaigns, one of the big challenges is to maintain some degree of control over what happens. Take a look at a few of your favourite brand websites. How are these advertisers maintaining ‘control’ of the advertising message?

Goal of the assessment:

This assessment is to test:
1) research abilities;
2) theoretical application
3) critical analysis abilities; and
4) academic writing skills.

To be presented in report format and the word count does not include the references.

A minimum of six academic references are to be listed at the back of the assignment on a separate page in APA referencing style.

· Australian Association of National Advertisers http://aana.com.au/
· Australian Communications Council http://www.communicationscouncil.org.au/index.aspx
· Australian Communications and Media Authority http://www.acma.gov.au/

Your report will need to include:
A title page
Executive summary
Table of contents
Case study answers and discussion
Reference list
Appendix – if required.
Assessment Criteria
1. Research and Monitoring

Makes little to no reference to sources and shows no engagement with concepts; no monitoring of current issues

Consults minimal references. Limited or superficial engagement with concepts. Little monitoring of current issues.

Demonstrates a range of sources consulted in the preparation of this report includes both general content, as well as academic or specialist sources.

Demonstrates strong research. Consults a range of credible sources both academic, general and business documents and clear about concepts and their application. Uses statistics to convey main points and current monitoring is consistent and shows strong knowledge of the organisation or topic under study.

Demonstrates outstanding knowledge of the company, its products, consumers and external environment; professional level of research.

2. Level of Critical Analysis and knowledge of theory

No critical engagement with the key concepts and ideas.

Demonstrates awareness of the basic concepts. Is able to list them.

Demonstrates ability to analyse content; to compare and contrast ideas; to speculate about possible solutions. Evidence of an argument.

Demonstrates strong critical understanding of the company or the topic; indicates strong knowledge of theory and practical application. Compares and contrasts ideas and strategies and critically evaluate their value and impact.

Demonstrates deep knowledge of the range of theories, strategies and tactics that guide analysis; and can confidently evaluate, compare and contrast content.

3. Coherency/Argument

Report is incoherent.

Report is coherent in places but there are difficulties with transitions. Argument may be insufficiently convincing.

Generally a coherent assessment. May have difficulties in places and inconsistent application of style conventions.

Consistently well written.

Well written report that is both accurate and compelling and makes a clear argument.

4. Writing Skills

Significant grammar and punctuation errors; sentence structure not clear; poor syntax and ideas unclear.

Demonstrates basic knowledge of sentence structure and grammar and punctuation; still a number of errors and lack of clarity in places.

Shows competency across the assignment in sentence structure and grammar and punctuation; some minor errors but mostly clear.

Very competent language skills across the assignment. May have one or two slight issues of clarity.

Outstanding grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Error free assignment that provides a clear communication of the argument and idea and compliance with genre conventions.

5. Other Factors Affecting Your Grade

List of references including print publications and internet sources produced consistent with referencing and style guide

Assignment late

Assignment Genre Conventions

Adapted from UC Irvine Humanities Core Course Rubric; Accessed at http://www.ajdrake.com/e240_fall_03/materials/guides/wr_rubric.htm

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