domestic and international security implications of the Arab Spring Revolutions

write a formal (either APA or MLA) critical essay paper (approximately 1,500 words), applying principles of critical thinking to your analysis on the following topic:

Briefly explain the domestic and international security implications of the Arab Spring Revolutions as they are caught in a four-ways clash between: (1) democratic popular reforms (Tunisia, Egypt, etc.); (2) civil wars against bloody dictatorships (Iran, S. Yemen, Libya, and Syria); (3) the threat of being hijacked in revolution by Al-Qaeda oriented Jihadist rebels (S. Yemen, Libya, Syria, and even Afghanistan after the withdrawal of NATO/US troops); or (4) in the first Arab Spring democratic elections by other local Islamic fundamentalist, anti-democratic groups (Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia). Is it inevitable that delusions over the Arab Spring being hi-jacked by local Islamic fundamentalist parties (Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia) or Islamist insurgents similar to Al-Qaeda—Yemen, Libya, Syria, and the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS/ISIL)—has led to a return to military semi-democracy (Egypt under General Fatteh El-Sisi) or a restored bloody dictatorship (Syria under Assad Jr.)?

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