Does Nagel’s counter-argument to Epicurus really defeat his stance on the proper evaluation of the significance of death?”


the following is my proposal.


In this paper.I want to talk about what is meaning of life. why should we be alive, we are suffering and getting different experience every day. and some of those are painful, some of those are happy, but why should we suffer those things?

I will use traditional position paper, and relate with real life and use some facts to prove a few arguments that will prove in this paper.


Traditional Position Paper


Inspiration/Rationale: The essence of philosophical activity is critical thinking about matters of fundamental importance for self-reflective beings. We have witnessed that whether it’s Socrates, Descartes, Thomas Nagel, or Martha Nussbaum, philosophers—to deserve the name—must present an argument toward which we can apply our critical thinking. Philosophers want us to think about what they find to be important, but they also seek to convince us that their points of view are correct. Therefore, critical thinking is directed to the goal of rational justification of important beliefs arising from human experience. But rational justification is always an attempt which is more or less successful. From Socrates’ time to our own, ultimately, philosophical dialogue and writing is devoted to either presenting one’s own attempted rational justification, or assessing another’s. And this is the essence of the “Traditional Position Paper.” If you have found yourself strongly agreeing or vehemently disagreeing with a position or argument expressed by a particular philosopher, then this might be the paper for you!


Description/Definition: A “Position” (a.k.a. “Response”) paper is a well-reasoned, clearly written critical evaluation of an argument encountered either in an assigned reading or lecture. Most importantly, a good position paper should provide convincing proof for your thesis through a variety of argumentation including logical analysis, examples (both real life and hypothetical), facts, and consideration of likely objections and counter-arguments. Once you have established your narrowed down topic, your essay should present a well-supported answer to a very specific question about that narrowed-down topic. For example, “Is Aquinas’ version of the cosmological argument sound?” Or, “Does Nagel’s counter-argument to Epicurus really defeat his stance on the proper evaluation of the significance of death?”

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