Disproportionate Burden Paper

Disproportionate Burden Paper

Paper details:

The “Healthy Communities” movement values environmental health as one of the necessities for overall well-being. Despite many of the environmentally responsible policies attributed to the Environmental Justice Movement, many communities of color still experience a disproportionate burden of ill health from environmental or occupational hazards. Many U.S. neighborhoods and communities have become the dumping grounds for all kinds of environmental toxins and hazards. Furthermore, select groups of workers, such as migrant farm workers, are at increased risk of illness due to occupational exposures. You will conduct a literature review and identify a community of color or low-income community that is disproportionately exposed to an environmental or occupational hazard. Based on a literature review, you will write a paper that includes overview of the community, health conditions and statistics, influencing environmental and social factors, and recommendations for addressing the environmental health inequities of the community at risk. The class will be meeting librarian Adriana Poo at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library to review how to access journal articles using the SJSU library catalogue, as well as to review citation requirements, which is expected to be used in all papers requiring outside sources. Please review the HS172 Environmental Health LibGuide ahead of time. Students should submit a tentative research paper topic to the instructor to ensure topic is relevant and enough data will be available to complete assignment. Length is 7 to 8 pages, not counting reference pages.

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