Discussion Paper(Gerontology )

Discussion Paper(Gerontology )


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watch the video first, “Depression: Not a Normal Part of Aging” and have a essay based on it.

(For this site, you might need to log in to ASU library to watch the full version, and the user name and the password has been provided)

Then, you are about to answer the questions below in the paper.

Discuss how Walter and Susan’s lives have changed as Walter’s health became worse. Be specific and think in terms of the biological, psychological, social, physical, and spiritual changes in their lives. (4 points)

What services would a social worker be able to provide? What skills would a social worker need to have to deliver these services? (2 points)

Reflect on possible value or ethical challenges you might have working with this population. (3 points)

What is a question or two that came up for you while reviewing the material this week? (1 point)

Note: I suggest you answer the questions in separate paragraphs. 300-400 words would be encouraged.

Ok, that is it, you are done! Thank you for your help, Mr./Ms. Writer!

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