Discussion on Genetics and the Environment

Discussion on Genetics and the Environment

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Liza’s parents are talented musicians. At age 4, Liza began taking piano lessons. By age 10, she was in the school choir, and at 14, she asked if she could attend a high school for music learning.

In your group, discuss how you think Liza’s genetic endowment and her environment have interacted to promote her musical talent? Decide upon THREE ways in which you think that Liza’s genetics and environment interacted to promote her talent. Select a member of your group to post your group’s final response to this discussion thread.
Here are the answers to the gender difference questions –
• Whose hands are warmer? Usually a man’s because, at room temperature, healthy men have a larger flow of blood to their fingers than do healthy women.
• Whose forehead is more likely to feel warm? A woman’s but it depends on the time of month. Normal temperature of either sex is 98.6°F. However, at ovulation a woman’s temperature increases about one degree and remains there for 12 to 14 days until just before menstruation.
• Whose armpits are smellier? A woman’s. Men perspire most heavily on the upper chest from glands secreting only salts and water. Women sweat most heavily under the arms from glands that secrete fatty substances in addition to salts and water. Bacteria digest the fatty substances and their byproducts make women’s sweat smelly.
• Whose nose knows this rose from that rose? Probably a woman’s. The ability to smell, taste, and hear is influenced by a variety of hormones but especially the adrenal hormones. At almost every point in the cycle, a woman’s senses are more acute. Her senses become even sharper as the monthly production of estrogen increases, peaking at ovulation.
• Who is most likely to wake in the night with a stomachache? It’s twice as likely to be a man. A gnawing pain in the middle of the night is a common symptom of an ulcer, still primarily a male affliction.

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