Discussion Assignment & Peer Responses


Step 1:  Choose Topics – Choose a minimum of 3 aspects of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to research for your post.

You should include a definition of EI in your paper.  It should have an in-text citation.

Examples include but are not limited to:  What characteristic makeup EI? Is it a valid concept? Is it an inborn trait? Can it be taught? How do children learn to express and manage their emotions? Should there be attempts to “teach” EI in schools- if so, why or why not? Are there any schools with a program for teaching EI? Have there been studies that show a relationship between a measurement of EI and success? Has it been successfully measured? Where are tests of EI currently used? How is the concept of EI used in some corporate or business institutions? Are there critics of EI? Do individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome lack EI? What about bullies?

Step 2: Locate Scholarly Research Articles on the topics related to EI that you chose to discuss.  Watch the video on how to search PsycArticlesLinks to an external site. or Search PsycARTICLES under the Library Tab on SACs Main website and then click Articles and References () http://sacguide.libguides.com/sacwctrLinks to an external site..  Look under P in Sources by Name and click on PsycArticles.  You can watch this videoLinks to an external site.for help.  If you need additional help click on Ask a Librarian to chat with a librarian. This will help you to access scholarly research articles to use for your submission. You need to have a minimum of four sources of information.  Do not use your textbook as a source. Your sources must be research articles from professional journals.  Web sites and non-scholarly articles will not be accepted. If there are references used other than research articles, the paper will receive a “0”.

Step 3: Create an Outline for your Discussion

Step 4: Prepare Report – Prepare a short report with a minimum of 1000 words (not including references or title information), double-spaced. If the minimum word count is not met, the assignment will not be accepted and a grade of “0” will be received.

An APA abstract or title page are not required.

References and in-text citations are to be formatted in APA style.  This is not a book or article report.  You are to research the topic and summarize your findings from research articles,  in your own words. Do not copy and paste any information from a website or article as this is plagiarism (exception: the URL, which will be used in the reference list). Plagiarism will result in a “0” for the assignment.

       Avoid quotations.  Quotations indicate that you did not attempt to explain the information in your own words. Only use them if the direct quote cannot be summarized or is imperative to the point you are making.  There is special formatting required for in-text citations when using quoted material.  Do not summarize the video or the information provided in the assignment itself, for your report.

 Organize your ideas by paragraphs following the outline you created. Your submission should have an introduction paragraph, at least 3 paragraphs discussing the EI related topics you chose and then a conclusion paragraph.  Your introduction paragraph should introduce the EI related topics you will cover in the body of the paper.  The conclusion should summarize the points you made regarding those 3 EI related topics.  A paragraph should consist of a topic sentence and a minimum of three well-developed sentences that support the topic sentence. You can look at a guide on Purdue Owl. Links to an external site.

 Prepare your report in a word document, organize it into paragraphs, and run the spelling/grammar check to edit it for errors. There is a free grammar checker called Grammerly.com, if you want to try it.   Re-read and edit your report to make certain your ideas are clearly expressed and that are errors are corrected. It is often helpful to read it aloud or have someone else read it to discover problems.

Reference Page:  You must include a reference list at the end of your post that is formatted in APA style.  SInce this is a discussion, you do not have to have a separate page for the reference list. It will follow the body of your discussion. It should be titled “References” (without quotes) and centered on the page.  Then list all of the articles that you used information from to write your report in alphabetical order according to the last name of the first author listed on the article.  You need to have a minimum of four sources of information.  Do not use the textbook.  Your sources must be research articles from professional journals.

Some references will be checked. The following websites may be helpful if you need more information on APA style: Purdue Owl Links to an external site.and APA StyleLinks to an external site..  Reference example: Jervis, J. C. (2016). Emotional intelligence development in pre-school children. Journal of Social Psychology, 5(3), 331-452. Retrieved from https://saclib.on.worldcat.org/oclc/5995094530 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

***NOTE*** Include the record link provided from SAC’s library database for each article. Click on the Link icon under the article and next to the “Cite icon, and copy and paste it in your reference in APA style formatting.

In-text Citations: Make sure that all references from which you pulled information are cited in the report itself (in-text citations) to indicate where the information came from and that each source you have an in-text citation for is listed in your  “References”  list at the end of your report in APA format. In-text citation example:  Jervis (2016) found that ….  / Pre-school children are more adept to learn emotional intelligence than teenagers (Jervis, 2016).   Johnson and Gerard (2017) found that kids with … /  Emotional intelligence is when …(Johnson & Gerard, 2017).  Alice, et al. (2014) found that …/ Research has shown that EI is very high in chimpanzees (Alice et al., 2014).  * Note:  all authors are listed except when you have 5 or more.  See the rules at Purdue Owl. Links to an external site.

Step 5: Have your submission proofread by the Writing Lab or Brainfuse Online Tutoring and make suggested changes.  

Step 6: Submitting the Report – The report will be submitted under the “Reply” section, once you are in the assignment.  Copy and paste your submission into the text box.  Then click “Post Reply.”

Late submissions will be penalized 10 points per late day for up to two days following the due date.

Part II: Your Responses to Your Peers (Minimum of 2) – Due July 1st

Step 1:  Read Peers’ Posts’ – Read through the report your peers submitted the previous week and choose at least 2 to respond to.

Step 2:  Prepare your responses (Minimum 2 full paragraphs). For each report you selected, write a substantive response, indicating research you found to support their claims or that contradicted their claims.  You must add to what they posted, not just agree or disagree.  Your response should be based on research and not your personal opinion.

     In-text Citations: Make sure that all references from which you pulled information are cited in the response itself (in-text citations) to indicate where the information you are stating came from and that each source that you have an in-text citation for is listed in your  “References”  list at the end of your response in APA format.


Required Sources

Kronengold, H. (2013). Review of Emotions in a child psychology: An Integrative framework and pride joy: A guide to understanding your child’s emotions and solving family problems. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 30(4), 686-688.doi:10.1037/a0034589

Strohmeier, D., Wagner, P., Spiel, C., & von Eye, A. (2010). Stability and constancy of bully-victim behavior: Looking at variables and individuals. Zeitschrift Für Psychologie/Journal       Of Psychology, 218(3), 185-193. doi:10.1027/0044-3409/a000028

Cammer, L. (1961). Conditioning and psychiatric theory. American Journal Of Orthopsychiatry,    31(4), 810-819. doi:10.1111/j.1939-0025.1961.tb02179.x

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