Discussion 1: Quantitative Analysis

Discussion 1: Quantitative Analysis

Project description
discussion, find a peer-reviewed article in Touros library that used a survey where quantitative methods were used to analyze the results. Focus your reading on the methods section. What was their research question? What dependent variable were they studying? How did the questionnaires get used? Were they using survey results as continuous variables? Were they comparing groups? How does this help you plan your research methodology using your survey tool?
Make sure you cite the sources from the module background readings.

Required Reading:
Reading for Threaded Discussion 1
Read Chapter 7: Data Summary and Reporting in Phillips, P.P., Aaron, B.C., & Phillips, J.J. (2013). Survey Basics. Alexandria, VA: ASTD Press. ISBN 9-781-5628-6809-3. Search Touros library using the EBSCO eBook search.

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