Discuss this section of the report with other team members.

From the list of available gears provided in Appendix 1, and taking account of the torque that each of the gears is required to transmit, select appropriate gears to provide the ratio you calculated in 2) above. Please note that it is highly unlikely that the overall ratio can be achieved in a single stage reduction and that more than one set (pair) of gears is likely to be needed. A simple schematic line diagram needs to be provided in this section of your report to give an indication of the layout and that your gearbox will work as intended. Please note that an engineering drawing is not required for this submission.
This is in an individual activity and you are required to submit an individual report for this section of the assignment. You are NOT to discuss this section of the report with other team members. All gears used must be clearly listed and specified by part number, module, torque capacity and material type.
Added on 08.12.2015 09:14
I have attached the full instructions, however the task I”m requesting to be done is PART 3. As well as, in the task its ask you to use gears from the appendix I have also attached that.

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