Discuss the positive or negative effects of the automobile on modern life in the United States.

Discuss the positive or negative effects of the automobile on modern life in the United States.

Paper details:
its is a research report final project. the topic is Discuss the positive or negative effects of the automobile on modern life in the United States.

Essay Prompt 2
For the second writing assignment-argument from definition-you will argue for or against the
definition of a controversial term. Much of our language is open to interpretation. but if we argue
more precrsely. then we remove some of the ambiguity. Although the topic is your choice.
consrder why the audience should care about it. In other words. the argument should answer the

question. §O-“hat’ (FW’A’ r”,3fl)Ph ‘rctl wv‘J H: and acme $an Cam
Step 1: Present a pepular definition of a term that you find ambiguous/controversial (e.g..
Step 2: Describe the relevant qualities of a person. place. or thing that does not satisfy the
definition (e.g.. 8-week-old fetus)
Step 3: Show how the person. place. or thing satisfies (or still does not satisfy) a modified
Although a precise definition provides a non-ambiguous meaning of the term. any conclusions
dravm from the definition do not necessarily apply to all uses of the term. That is. definitions can
be too narrow or too broad. A definition can be too narrow because it excludes things that should
be included-personhood may fail to cover. say. 4-weck-old fetuses. A definition can also be too
broad because it includes things that should be excluded – personhood may cover. say.
embryonic stem cells. Moreover. a circular definition restates the term being defined (e.g..
goodness is the quality of being good). so such definitions also do not clarify the meaning of the
As a rule of thumb. a definition should Ctit’rtff-tt’ta‘ztiui .1: iii-2 «:23; as possible to popular usage.
Follow common intuitions unless, of course. you can argaze that common intuitions are mistaken.
My intuitions might also differ from yours. so the hes: articulation ofa term obviously requires
well-researched argumentation. Moreover. altl’iougl’i dietionaries might be useful in learning the
meaning of terms. refrain from using them. Since. their definitions are simply provided without
well-researched argumentation. do not assume that the definitions are either correct or
Your argument need not employ the methodology above. Please refer to your lecture notes from
the PowerPoint on definition that describes other methods for developing a term.
4 Pages (~1,200 Words) & 3 Sources

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