Discuss how liability for negligence can arise in law in relation to construction activity

Discuss how liability for negligence can arise in law in relation to construction activity
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write an essay of 1500 words about English construction law and consider the following:

The purpose and use of Tort

How liability for negligence arises particularly in relation to Duty of Care, Breach of Duty of Care
and Damages.

The meaning and application of the doctrine of reasonable foreseeability.

Students will use relevant case law in their essay to illustrate how liability in construction arises under negligence.

Please write accurate and good illustration on the case laws as its worth 40% of the essay, I will attach a presentation of Tort law and case laws arises under negligence.

make good citations and use harvard referencing system.

” Smith and Keenan’s English Law” please use this book as its a very good source for the essay

the marking criteria is :

Professional presentation in terms of layout and structure of ideas. (10%).

Understanding and expression of complex ideas using appropriate technical and legal

Clear identification and discussion on the purpose and use of Tort law.(10%)

Lucid discussion on Tort of Negligence.(25%)

Relevant discussion illustrated with appropriate case law of the above in relation to construction activity (all citation must be to the Harvard Referencing System). (40%)

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