Discuss characteristics of literature

Discuss characteristics of literature
Choose a work from the Middle Ages or the early Renaissance that is not on our reading list (you may select works from the text or outside the text, but if you find a work outside the text, please include a Works Cited page). Discuss characteristics of literature from the period you are discussing and locate examples of these characteristics in the work you’ve selected. For example, Renaissance literature deals with characters on a more human scale than works from earlier periods; also, there are elements of science and discovery beginning to replace some religious elements in the writing (and other arts).

Use different sources but mostly focus on one written work from The Middle Ages/ Renaissance period, which ever one you choose.

Be sure to include concrete, specific examples in the essay and cite them in the essay itself and in the work cited.

These are the works we have already read and you may not use any of these works in this essay:
Genesis (Creation)
Ovid’s Metamorphoses (The Creation)
• “Phan Ku the Creator”
• “Mawu-Lisa the Creators”
• “Divine Woman the Creator”
“The Big Bang Theory”
• The Murder of Abel [The First Murder]
• Noah and The Flood [The Flood]
The Tower of Babel [The Origin of Language]
Ovid’s Metamorphoses (excerpts from Book I:)
• Jove’s Intervention
• The Story of Lycaon
• The Flood
• Deucalion and Pyrrha
• Apollo and Daphne
• Jove and Io
“Ulgen the Creator”
• excerpts from Hero with a Thousand Faces
• from The Iliad (Books I, XVIII, XXII, XXIV)
• from The Odyssey (Books IX, X, XI)
• Tennyson’s “Ulysses”
• Oedipus Rex OR Lysistrata
• from The Aeneid (Books IV, VI, VIII)
• Inferno from Dante’s Divine Comedy The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

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