Digital strategy

Digital strategy

Revising the documents uploaded is necessary to understand what you have to do.

You have to develop a digital strategy for a company. A document stating the strenghts and weaknesses of the company in the digital enviroment will be uploaded. Nevertheless, further research is needed.

Part A: Rating of Digital Assets and Activity
Criteria    Examples or observations    Rating 1 to 10
Broad vision of how digital media can transform the company
There is a relation of the AMPR goals and the QUT corporate vision. The goal 2 of AMPR; ‘share relevant content with its stakeholder’ and the goal 3; ‘to manage the AMPR community’ are related to each other because both refer to create a group of members who can interact to each other, stay connected and identify themselves as part of QUT  and AMPR School. These two are related with the point three of QUT Corporate Vision; ‘to strengthen and extend our strategic partnership with the professional and broader communities’.

Therefore, the key words are:
•    Community and identity
•    Interaction
•    Connectivity
•    Communication

Digital media is the best option to exploit all these three elements. Internet, smartphones and faster computers increased a lot the importance of digital platforms as a way to reach more people and more effectively.

Digital platforms increase, exponentially, the effectiveness (if they are well developed) of the communications, connectivity, interactions and the sense of community and identity.      8
Integration of marketing, IMC and digital strategy

IMC objectives are sales-oriented objectives or communication objectives. QUT AMPR digital platforms are covering both because they are showing, they are communicating what QUT AMPR is doing and people could get engaged and then they can decide to enrol in some QUT studying courses. They can also influence other people to enrol in QUT, (e-word or word of mouth) if they like what they see in the QUT AMPR digital platforms.

For example, a family man wants to know which collage is the best of his son. He goes online and He can see QUT AMPR webpage and what this faculty has to offer; courses, staff qualifications, exchange programs, research works done by the staff, etc. If he feels already convince he can go to QUT main webpage and check out the prices for the courses and the sales might be closed at this point. If he still doubts, he can ‘google’ about QUT AMPR and find in iTunes an audio of a lecture and listen it or he could go to QUTube and watch a AMPR video to know about the quality and what QUT AMPR has to offer. But again, these platforms are not integrated, QUT AMPR should make easier to its customer to reach easily and quickly all the information they are looking for.    6
Digital strategy (please articulate)

QUT AMPR is increasing its visibility and providing easier and quicker alternatives to get information about some of its courses and content BUT to current QUT AMPR students mostly because other higher education institutes are moving towards digital also.

‘Tweepr’ is the one which has higher chances to produce a big impact attracting more people from different backgrounds (students, future students, experts, teachers, etc.). It offers something specific: ‘ideas in PR, advertising and marketing’, from experts and students. Also, it is dynamic (not static) because you can see several interesting ideas and opinions flowing throughout the day. It is interactive because you can meet people you’d like to follow and read more about their ideas.    7
Evidence of search activity

Only twice after several intents and it was in youtube. They were not engaging, not attractive (very common). They were simple and, also, they were about robotics (both of them) not about AMPR courses.     1
Strategically consistent, company-created brand messages
The platforms are doing different woks but aiming the same goals. For example; iTunes Podcast is posting educational audio content of QUT AMPR while tweepr is a community where users can see collection of written post of Public Relation Ideas and Opinions of the leaders on the field. What they are doing is different but the topic is the same (advertising, marketing and PR) and the goal is the same as well (attract, engage, create communities and open the chances for small interactions).    9
Degree of company involvement in community management
It would be difficult for QUT AMPR to manage its different platforms communities. QUT AMPR must have to overcome difficult challenges; the dispersion of its community (many different platforms) and the different background of its users (QUT teachers and external teachers, QUT students, QUT ex-students, external students, future students, random user, etc.).    3
Digital and social media tools used by the company for community management

1.    QUT AMPR Website
2.    iTunes Podcast
3.    iTunes U (for iPad)
4.    AMPed (facebook)
5.    QUTube
6.    Tweepr
7.    Electronic Newsletter
8.    Twitter hastag qutampr    8
Frequency of use of digital and social media tools

Very low frequency of use. For example, the AMPed (AMPR student’s society) just has received 72 visits, considering that the AMPR school has 6,000 students enrolled now, this number is almost irrelevant. Also, the number of comments is extremely low. This is the same for QUTube and iTunes U.     2
Examples of content shared

Video, audio, written post, images and photos, messages, articles and reports. But most of the articles and reports are for internal QUT AMPR users since this content is part of classes (iTunes U and BlackBoard).    8
Strategic user engagement

Since the frequency of use of digital platforms is very small, the strategy to create engagement must be wrong or wrongly placed. For example, QUTube videos have few visualizations, some of them extremely few. This can be because the content doesn’t capture the attention of users, because the content is irrelevant or maybe because the real customer for QUT AMPR is not in youtube or they prefer a different way of know more about QUT AMPR.    2
Measurement of digital performance

There has to be an attempt to capture information because digital platforms make easier to gather information about users but the problem is that the low level of interactions and participation of users do not create enough information.    2
*Where 0 indicates a lack of achievement and 10 represents optimum achievement.

Part B: Score, Interpretation of Score and Recommendations for Digital Strategy
QUT AMPR has made a good move trying to get into the digital world creating digital platform and content but (a weakness I found) the platforms QUT AMPR is using are many and they are not integrated. For example: QUT AMPR has audios like research presentations, master class sessions, interviews, etc., on iTunes (Apple platform: this company has the characteristic of being a much closed community, users who don’t have Apple hardware cannot exploit the most of Apple apps), electronic news by email, AMPed (events information) on facebook. The weakness is that they are not integrated into one place where the users can find the most information and content of AMPR. People don’t have time and patience to look around in different platform for information that might be better all together in the same place because it is all related.
Besides, QUT AMPR platforms activities haven’t crated that engagement in customers and QUT AMPR needs to analyse WHY this is happening because this failure engaging people is impacting different areas of the QUT AMPR areas. For example, not engaging customers reduce the fulfilment of the IMC objectives; sales and communication (people and customer don’t know about QUT AMPR), few frequency of use of its platforms, few information about customers to know more about them, a sense of community is not created because customers do not interact actively, etc.
In addition, QUT AMPR should try to connect (in some way) some its different platforms to make easier for customers to access different information.
Finally, QUT AMPR is doing following a good strategy and doing a good movement trying to increase the importance of its digital platforms but it needs to overcome 3 challenges: the dispersion of its different customers, the lack of engagement of its customers with its digital platforms. QUT AMPR must also increase its visibility paying or promoting itself out there and thus people know more about what they doing and offering.

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