Digital Strategy for World Vision Australia

Digital Strategy for World Vision Australia

You are required to write a strategic plan for World Vision Australia (WVA). This piece of assessment is designed to assess your skills of critical review, analysis, consolidation and synthesis of knowledge.
Your group will be required to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relevant theory and application of that theory in a way that creates a document/plan that WVA can act upon.
Your group is also to produce a one page (A3 size) ‘map’ that captures and summarises your findings

1. You will use the findings from your first assignment to develop a strategy for World Vision Australia encompassing a five year time horizon. Your focus should be on integrating the findings and feedback from your first assignment and then building upon these to create an actionable strategic plan. The plan has to be achievable and realistic and you have to clearly demonstrate why your plan will help Australian World Vision  achieve and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.

2. Describe how World Vision  will implement the strategic plan. Focus specifically on:
a) the fit between any core competencies and skills that World Vision Australia have and that they can leverage to further effect
b) or indicate which ones are currently missing and outline a plan for acquiring or developing (the buy/make decision) those core competencies.
Any decisions must be supported by analysis/data/research and must take into consideration the present level of resources available to WVA.
You are required to justify thoroughly why your recommendations are the best possible choice for World Vision Australia. Not only do you have to justify your choices, but you have to explain how these choices help World Vision Australia avoid ‘bad strategy’.
3. Explain how World Vision  will measure and evaluate the success (or otherwise) of your recommendations. You must use analytical tools/frameworks that have been published in recognised scholarly publications.
• Focus on critically evaluating the effectiveness of the chosen method(s) and make an argument that outlines both the positive and negative consequences of adopting your measurement and evaluation solution.

World Vision Australia

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