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Diet Analysis Project

NUTR 132
A major objective of this course is to teach you how to evaluate your diet. In this assignment, you will keep a detailed record of everything you consume for a 3-day period, and all your activities for those same 3 days. You will then analyze it through the use of a computer program, and then evaluate the results. In addition, you will be evaluating your body weight and activity level to determine if there are implications for your diet and lifestyle.
Please read the entire assignment carefully before starting.
The completed project must contain the following items:

Food records and activity records (Part 1). Use forms provided or print records from MyPlate.

Computer printouts in this order (Part 2):

Nutrients Report

Food Groups and Calories Report

Physical Activity Report

Questions for you to answer:

Analysis of your carbohydrate intake (Part 3)

Analysis of your lipid intake (Part 4)

Analysis of your protein intake (Part 5)

Evaluation of your vitamin and mineral intake (Part 6)

Analysis of MyPlate food group servings (Part 7)

Analysis and evaluation of body weight (Part 8)

Analysis and evaluation of energy balance (Part 9)

Overall evaluation of assignment (Part 10)

Diet Analysis Grade Sheet

This assignment will be completed in two parts and submitted to dropbox. Refer to your syllabus for due dates.

Please read instructions carefully!!!
This assignment will be graded on the following criteria:

Completion of the entire project as assigned

Submission on or before the due date

Accuracy of work

Answering questions completely, also giving a full explanation if they question asks “Why?” or “Explain.”

You will be required to keep a detailed record of all foods and beverages you consume for a consecutive 3-day period. There are forms at the end of the packet that you can use. Either the reports from this packet OR the detailed report from the website MUST be included in the BeachBoard dropbox to get full credit.

Please include two weekdays and one weekend day in your record. For example: Thursday, Friday, Saturday; or Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.
Be sure to record everything you consume. As you record each food, make careful note of the amount. Estimate the amount to the nearest ounce, cup, quarter-cup, tablespoon, or other common measure. Be as specific as possible with methods of preparation, any additions or condiments used with the food, and other details that describe the foods you eat. You may have to break down mixed dishes to their ingredients. However, many mixed dishes, including fast foods, are listed in the computer database. If you can’t identify all the ingredients, estimate the amounts of only the major ones, like the beef, tomatoes, carrots, onions and potatoes in a beef- vegetable soup. Details are a must: a turkey sandwich, is not ‘turkey sandwich’ –it should be ‘two slices wheat bread, 1T mayo, 1/8 avocado, 3oz turkey, 2oz cheddar cheese, 2 slices of tomato’. Details are important on your report so that you can get accurate information. Additionally, you must include ALL drinks and food including snacks, NOT gum.

Do not include any supplements you consume. This means NO protein shakes/drinks, NO vitamins/minerals. It will be interesting to discover whether your food choices alone deliver the nutrition your need. Plus, you will know better after analyzing your diet if supplements are needed.
In order to get a fairly accurate analysis of your diet, it is important to eat as “normally” as possible during the 3-day period. If you eat significantly different than your normal eating pattern, the analysis will be less accurate and not as useful.
For the same three day period you will need to accurately record all of your activity. Use the Activity Record forms provided in this packet. You will need to keep track of how much time you spend exercising (including intensity), walking to class carrying a back pack, work, routine self care and other activities of daily living. The more accurate you can be, the better your analysis will be. Any time not allotted to an activity will be considered by the computer as resting time. Your log for EACH day should total approximately 24 hours.
You must use Follow the directions at the end of this packet carefully to ensure printing of the required reports.

Select “My Reports” from the upper navigation bar and click on “Nutrients Report.” View report from Day 1 to Day 3 and select “Create Report.”
What was your percent of calories from carbohydrates (found under “Average Eaten” column)? Did your intake meet the recommendation to consume between 45 percent and 65 percent of total calories from carbohydrate?
If you had (did) not fallen within the range, what specific changes do you/could you need to make? Give examples of two specific foods to add or remove.
Now, click on the + icon next to Dietary Fiber and Added Sugars. This will generate a dropdown list indicating a “source analysis” of fiber and added sugars. How much fiber did you consume, on average?
Which two foods provided the greatest amounts of fiber?
____________________________________ __________________________________
If your intake was low, list two fiber rich foods you could realistically add to your diet?

(Refer to textbook which suggest fiber-rich foods.)
____________________________________ __________________________________

How many grams of added sugars did you eat each day (on average)? _______ g
Multiply the gram amount from above by 4 calories/gram for carbohydrate to see how many calories of added sugars this is. Does it meet the American Heart Association recommendations to get no more than 100 calories/day from added sugars for women and no more than 150 calories/day for men?
Yes No
Which two foods provided the greatest amounts of added sugars?
_______________________________ _________________________________
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