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1. Lesson 4 Essay 1 (50 points)
2. Now that you have developed a basic understanding of childhood stress and how it can impact future development, consider policy changes that may be prudent in health care or education. The following video from the Harvard University Center on the Developing Child presents an expert panel discussing this issue. After watching this video, write a minimum of a 250 word reaction essay that describes your thoughts on the issue. Use the questions below to guide your responses.
3. APA formatting with references
The Toxic Stress of Early Childhood Adversity: Rethinking Health and Education Policy
• What recommended policy changes are recommended?
• What roadblocks do you see to these types of policy changes?
• How would you sell these changes to the public?
• What cultural factors would be important to consider?
1. Lesson 4 Essay 2 (50 points)
2. Write a 250 word (minimum) essay using the scenario below that addresses the following:
• Describe the concept of attachment and explain why it is important.
• For each scenario, identify the type of attachment each baby is showing and describe the implications for the child related to social and emotional health.
• Explain the recommendations you would make to a parent who has a child that is demonstrating attachment problems.
• APA formatting with references
Imagine you are conducting an experiment on infant attachment. You have asked a number of parents of infants to come to your laboratory to conduct the experiment. You have a large play room set up with a variety of age appropriate toys. Consider three different scenarios and determine which child is displaying secure attachment.
The mother and the baby enter the room. The baby quickly begins to move about the room and explore the various objects. When the mother steps out of the room, the baby continues to play while the researcher remain in the room and does not get upset, nor does the baby seem to notice when his mother returns.
The mother and the baby enter the room. The baby is reluctant to move away from the mother in this strange environment. When the mother leaves the room, the baby gets very upset. When the mother returns, the baby continues to be upset and difficult to console.
The mother and the baby enter the room. The baby slowly moves away from the mother checking back periodically for reassurance. When the mother leaves the room, the baby gets very upset. When the mother returns the baby is able to be comforted by the mother.

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