Developing a strategy for building external catering business with organizations located in that building.

Assessment 1
Your café provide catering for office meeting. In the past, resulted from informal relationships developed with office staff, which buys their lunches at your café. With the opening of a new office block across the road, you need to develop a strategy for building external catering business with organisations located in that building.
Describe the strategy you would use to obtain the initial business, and then those clients as loyal customer base for your office catering to create long term relationships.
Using the ideas and information you have just collated, develop an action plan for initiating the new relationships and for maintaining the relationships. You action plan should outline what you intend to do and why you intend to do it, what personnel and resources will be required what expected outcomes the strategies you have developed will be.
Write a report on the procedures you have followed to conduct the negotiation and develop a contract. Your strategy must include details of negotiations and development of a contract of agreement offering discounted for a preferred catering provider deal.
1. Negotiation
2. Strategies
3. Action plan
4. Report
Assessment 2
In this stage, you should prepare 2 role plays, one as a seller of a product, and another as an owner / manager of a hospitality business
Role play 1 – you as the seller, the assessor as the business owner
you are to develop or acquire a contract for your product, and set the boundaries of your negotiation. After this project, you are to hand your preparation work including your contract to your assessor for assessment
your negotiation ( with a contract) can be in all areas where somebody or some company provide goods or service to another.
Some areas for example are :
• Cleaning contracts
• On selling of goods or services.
• Workplace agreements.
• Wedding agreement at a hotel reception .
1. Negotiation
2. Make a contract
Role play 2- you as the business owner / manager, the assessor as the seller
you are to be interested in this product, but you must negotiate a contract that is viable for your business, and helps you gain competitive advantage. If you decide to accept the contract, you need to state your reason. If you decide not to accept this contract, you must also state your reasons.
During your role plays, your assessor will be marking you on the following.
• Your presentation
• Communication style
• Preparation and discussion stage
• Persuasion and proposal stages
• Compromise stage
• Finalisation of contract.
Other consideration :
Ethics, trust and value overtones.
Win/ win situations.
Communication style e.g non – verbal(body language ), verbal
Arrangement of discussion areas, e.g space
Use of listening techniques
Use of questioning techniques
1. Negotiation
2. Make a contract

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