Develop a strategy to use critical thinking in the future

(1)   As you can see from this chapter, it is a big leap to stages 5 and 6! Take a few minutes to review the attributes of both. Do you find that you already meet some of these attributes? I would hope that you do, even if not always. How likely are you to eventually be at Level 5, or even 6? Do you have the time and motivation to meet all of the attributes?

(2)   Thinking back on the past 5 weeks, have you challenged your own thinking in a way that will change your life?


(3)   In what area are you strongest, and why are you strong in this area. In what way are you weakest, and why do you believe this is true?



(4)   If you can’t think of a personal example, should Olympic athletes strive for perfection?


(5)   Are you comfortable testing your own thinking processes?



(6)    When do you find it difficult to make decisions, and has anything in this chapter helped you?


(7)   Reflect on lessons learned and how they can be applied to your everyday life (professional and personal).

(8)   Develop a strategy to use critical thinking in the future



APA format requires a concluding paragraph which sums up the wholepaper.     


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.



NOTE: If I detect large sections of copied or paraphrased text without proper citations and references, I will file charges of Academic Dishonesty. This can result in an F grade for the class, plus a 6 month suspension, or expulsion. The price is way too high!



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