Describe and answer questions

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I  want to answers all those questions  and each answer questions with one paragraph with double spaces


1) Briefly, describe what you like AND dislike about team projects (at school or at work).


2) What did you do (or are you doing) to prepare for your oral presentation. What kind of research was required? Did you practice? How much? Where?


3)Reflect on your own presentation. How did it go? What worked well? What didn’t? What will you do differently next time? What did you learn?


4) Briefly describe what you (personally) are doing to prepare for your upcoming team project (report and/or presentation). Research? Writing? Editing?

5) Describe how you feel about writing (of any sort). Is it difficult for you? How so? Or does it come easy? Do you enjoy it? Dislike it? What’s your favorite type of writing? (fiction, journaling, nonfiction, etc.) Least favorite?


6) For your first post back in September, you were asked to “describe what you hope to gain this semester from BCM 3700.” Well, what DID you learn or accomplish in BCM 3700 this semester? Large or small, it’s all important.


This is waht I got in this class for quesation 6 answer

Assignment 12: Team Report & Presentation

Assignment 11: Team Project Progress Report

Assignment 10: Visual Impression Analysis

Assignment 9: Individual Oral Presentation

Assignment 8: Create a LinkedIn Profile

Assignment 7: Persuasive Message

Assignment 6: Negative Message

Assignment 5: Positive Message

Assignment 4 :   Informative Message

Assignment 3: Job Package

Assignment 2: Self’ Analysis

Assignment 1: Create and Maintain a Blog


Blog Setup (instructions)


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