Definition essay topic: Happiness

Definition essay topic: Happiness

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Definition Essay

Choose one a topic. The essay should be at least 5 paragraphs long and should contain a thesis. You may need to research your topic to include pertinent examples, descriptions and evidence. You must cite the sources you use. You can use to help with your citations.

Describe the general definition as well as contrasting definitions (sometimes it is easier to define something by explaining what it is not). You limit the reader’s frame of reference when you do this.
? You can describe the details of the definition
? You can tell a story about the definition
? You can give examples of the definition
? You can offer analysis of the definition
? You can explain how the definition works—i.e. the process
? You can classify the definition

Definition Essay: Pre-Writing Worksheet

1. What word or phrase are you going to write about?

2. What is the usual (formal) definition of this word/phrase?

3. What is YOUR definition of this word or phrase?

4. How will you show your readers YOUR definition?

a. Examples:

b. Description:

c. Synonyms:

d. Negation (what your word does NOT mean):

e. Analogy (comparison with something dissimilar):

f. Origin and development (where did the word come from, what did it originally mean, how has it changed over time?):

5. What is your bigger point? Why should we care about this word or phrase you are defining?

6. How will you organize your paper? (What rhetorical pattern will you use?)

• Intro paragraph(s):

• 1st Body paragraph:

• 2nd Body paragraph:

• 3rd Body paragraph:

• 4th body paragraph (if needed):

• 5th body paragraph (if needed):

• Concluding paragraph(s):

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