Deconstructing Advertisements using Consumer Behavior Principles

The purpose of these assessments is to test your knowledge of key CB concepts, and also to promote your group work skills. You will form into groups of maximum of 4-5 students/group. You will need to utilize a range of sources (notes, academic journal articles and business periodicals) to
Choose three advertisements sufficiently rich in their execution to allow you to deconstruct them in terms of consumer behaviour principles. These may be visual or moving image ads sourced from magazines, newspapers, social media, etc. Explain each of these ads in terms of any of the concepts you have learnt over the semester. You should address the following:
1. Who is the target market for this ad?
2. What consumer behaviour objectives is the ad trying to achieve and how does it (try to) do this?
3. Do you think the ad is effective in achieving its consumer behaviour objectives? Why/Why not?
Having identified your target market, it is in part 2 and 3 of this assignment that you will use consumer behaviour theory. You may focus broadly to explain the ads or just on one or two individual differences like perception, personality or culture, etc.You will be marked on your ability to provide depth and insight into your application using theory you have learnt and read about in the course.

Write-up (30 marks): Please write a concise analysis of your findings, not to exceed 3000 words excluding an executive summary, table of contents and any exhibits or appendices you would like at the end of the paper.

Presentation (5 marks): as part of your submission you are to prepare a five minute presentation explaining one of the ads. No more than one power point slide or video should accompany the presentation.

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