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Recent debates about grammar schools argue that they will encourage social mobility and yet others insist they will entrench social divisions. What evidence is there to support these positions?

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Define ‘grammar school’ and explains history of grammar school.
What is current debates on grammar school.
What is plan for this essay (This essay will examine…)

Define ‘social mobility’ and ‘social divisions’ or any other key therms.
Make a argument between two views.
Arrange it into 4-5 main points/themes (should be A B A B A B.. NOT A B).
Every view point should be supported by evidence (Analysis of Policy Document and made connections to social justice, using a speech, quote-but just one or two times).
Each paragraph has one point and every paragraphs should link, mini conclusions along the way.

Come to a viewpoint based on the arguments made.
Suggestions, my critical views should be made.

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