Dave Barry’s article “Guys vs Men”

Dave Barry’s article “Guys vs Men”


Read Dave Barry’s article, “Guys vs Men” on pages 970-975 of your textbook (pages 940-945 4th edition).

Start a new thread in this topic and have the subject/title reflect your position/opinion on the article.

Write a 250-300 word response to the article. Begin by offering the necessary information (author, title, genre, brief summary of his stance) so that your own response is situated in some context. As you enter into this conversation, build your own writing by supporting it with specifics from Barry’s text. Use at least two quotes from the article. Remember to lead into the quotes with signal phrases and end the quote with a citation (last name and page number). No need for a documentation list since I’m directing you toward the exact one source to read.

You can choose to respond to “Guys vs Men” in any way you see fit. I’ve included some “things to consider” below to get you started if you need it. Feel free to ignore it.

Lastly, proofread your work carefully before posting.

Dave Barry’s article “Guys vs Men”

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