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Prompt: For Milestone Two, you will be assessing the database needs and options for Sharpe Style. After looking at how the SDLC applies to your final project, a good next step is looking at the data. Think small and see where your requirements take you. Remember that Mary is worried about how she will keep track of her inventory when she migrates into online sales. You will be using the Milestone Two section of the template to complete this assignment. Refer to the Sharpe Style scenario for details on the current state of the company and the business owner’s goals.
Based on what you have learned in Module Three, assess the type of database technology the company will need to support new online services.
Once you have established the company’s needs, you should research the available options. Present a minimum of two. Keep in mind that Mary Sharpe is looking for an inexpensive and easy-to-implement solution. What are the pros and cons of each option?
For this assignment, find a real-world example of what has or has not worked for another company. Talk about how this example informs the options you will present to Mary Sharpe. Make sure you site your source(s) appropriately.
Remember that you are an intern and are not expected to make suggestions that encompass a deep level of technical detail. You are expected to provide a highlevel  view of what would be required to help your business owner make an informed decision regarding database needs for online services.
Use the Milestone Two section of the template and submit the template to your instructor for feedback and grading. Remember to incorporate instructor feedback before your final submission in Module Seven.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
II. Database Needs and Options: Use this section of your report to assess the business’s database needs with respect to the proposed expansion into online sales, and lay out possible solutions for meeting the needs you identified. Specifically, you should address the following: A. What type of database technology will the company need to support the new online services? Explain your answer. For example, how will the company keep track of inventory and customer information for sales in the retail versus the online store? Will two separate databases be

needed? Will the company need to integrate its database(s) with other software to serve intelligent functions such as inventory tracking, order tracking, or payments? B. Weigh the pros and cons of different solutions for addressing database needs in general terms. Justify your response. For example, will the option require migrating data to a new system? Will it require a different server setup? Is the cost of the solution outweighed by the potential benefits in terms of improving efficiency and increasing sales? To illustrate your point(s), you may want to include real-world examples of what has or has not worked for other companies.


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