Data warehousing seminar report.

watch two web seminars related to data warehousing, data analytics, business intelligence or data quality. Many web seminars are hosted by software firms and can be watched at the time of presentation and others are available for viewing at any time

Watch 2 seminars and provide a critical evaluation and analysis of the content. Required information to be included in your written report is:
• Title of Seminars
• Summary of Seminar with content focus and your evaluation (2-3 pages max)
• And after both summaries you have to answer those questions:
1. . Did the seminar support what you have been learning in the course and texts?.
2. Did the seminary disagree with the course content?
3. What did you learn about potential problems and difficulties that could arise or be experienced with this technology?
4. Are there methods or techniques which can be applied to overcome or avoid this problems?
• Date of Original Seminar Presentation
• Primary Sponsor/Company hosting the seminar
• Speaker(s) Name, Title and Company Affiliation
• URL to presentation
• Consider the ratings on for book ratings and rate the seminar on a scale of one to five

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