data on women in the House of Commons since 1918.

The aim of this exercise is to gain practice in the use of data, the different ways in which it can be presented and used to support an argument.

Use the following websites for the data to be used in making your charts and supporting your argument in the second part of this assessment.: for data on women in the House of Commons since 1918. for election results to the House of Commons since 1945.

Using Excel, you are to produce tables containing the data used to make the charts. The tables and charts should then be copied and pasted into a word file, which will also contain the second part of this assessment.

1. Two line graphs, each one on a separate sheet, one showing the percentage of the vote cast for the three main political parties and the other, number of seats won by the Conservative, Labour and Liberal – Liberal Democratic parties in general elections since 1945.
2. A block graph showing the total number of women MPs elected at each general election since 1945.

Each chart should be presented on a separate sheet, the data tables should be separate from the charts. See the examples given on the following pages.

Having gathered and processed your data, and making use of your visit to the library and the research you did, you should write a short essay of 500 words in response to the following;

‘Research indicates that electoral systems based onproportionality are more likely to return a greater number of female Members of Parliament than the present first past the post used in the UK. Why is this?’

YOU also include a bibliography.

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