Data Collection Project

Data Collection Project

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Please test two hypothesis based on the following variables.The following variables were used: Depression, Self-Esteem, Loneliness, Social Anxiety, Stress, Generalized Anxiety, # of Social Networking Sites used, # of hours spent on social networking sites, # of Facebook friends, # of real friends, # of text messages per week, GPA, Credits, and # of hours sleep per night.

Write a one-page summary of a research article dealing with each of your TWO hypotheses (i.e. two separate one page summaries). You should find a scholarly article that in some way captures what your hypothesis is about. After this one-page summary, I would like you to calculate the correlation coefficient for the hypothesis in Microsoft Excel, to provide a scatterplot, and to write a one paragraph conclusion detailing whether our results support or contradict previous research (i.e. the article you summarized). If your correlation does not support previous research, provide an explanation why you think that there is a difference. With the graphs, the total paper should come out to approximately 4 pages in length (2 pages for each of the two hypotheses).

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