Dallas Cowboys (crisis communication plan )

**4 Pages Crisis communication plan (50 points): you will construct a 4 page crisis communication plan that consist of the purpose, scope, organization, SWOT, crisis policy, team, responsibilities, and identify medical and natural disaster protocol. In order to receive all the points in this section-every component above must be present, correct/accurate information, and detailed. * Make sure to cite sources for information here**

Need to cover Four pages
Look at the photos uploaded and its exactly what it needs to be.
**Do Not copy the upload/ all needs to be original**

The plan is based on the Dallas Cowboys NFL franchise
The plan is fictional
the plan must be original
Copy no parts, but use the photos as an outline to cover all basis of assignment.

APA: (10 points) Campaign is written in 12 point Times New Roman font. It is double spaced and has no grammatical or APA citation errors.

**No resources, Its an original, fictional plan for class only.


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