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Paper Guidelines
1. Each student is required to write one long essay (8-12)
2. Essays should engage the issues discussed during the course of the quarter in relation to films analyzed in class.
3. Essays should be more analytical than evaluative: i.e., they should offer film analysis not film review.
4. Show that you’re conversant with the required readings for a given film and include a bibliography of works cited.
5. In addition to considering the role of sound, include in your analysis consideration of mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, etc.
6. Other films may also be discussed with professor’s permission.
7. Consult the online forum discussions each week for paper topic ideas.
8. Paper should be double-spaced.

The red color, which I mark in each week, it is movie name, which I watched during the class. My essay topic is open, you can write any topics about Tokyo Cyberpunk. You should watch those movies and give ideas about Tokyo Cyberpunk. Please using red color and underline mark the thesis (main idea) in the paper. I also update all the readings.

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