Cyber Law

Cyber Law

his paper involves an analysis of two pieces of legislation from 2012, that dealt with cybersecurity, neither of which was enacted into law. To write this paper, review the summaries of the proposed legislation, prepared by the Library of Congress.

Given the specific topics considered in this course, answer the following questions:

1. How would enacting S. 2105 have improved upon cybersecurity? That is, what topics raised in class would it have addressed, regarding cybersecurity?
2. How would enacting S. 3414 have improved upon cybersecurity? What topics would it have addressed, regarding cybersecurity?
3. What did S. 2105 fail to address?
4. What did S. 3414 fail to address?
5. Based upon these proposed laws, what would you propose as a bill to address cybersecurity? Explain why you addressed the topics that you planned on addressing in your proposed legislation.

In this paper, you must using headings associated with the numbers used here.

This paper should run between 10-15 pages. It must be double-spaced, with one inch-margins, 12 font. You may use one quote, of less than 50 words in length and two quotes, of less than 25 words in length. Please be sure to use an in-text citation for all quotes. Include the sources of quotes, as well as your source material, in a reference page, which is separate from the page count needed for this assignment.

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