Current prospect of peace between Israel and Palestinians Essay Dissertation Help

Current prospect of peace between Israel and Palestinians

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attaching the instruction with my research proposal starting in the second page. In the beginning of the second page you will see instructor’s note about about the research proposal. I want you to follow that. He mentions “Flesh out your thesis statement more with detail – what role(s) are you referring to vis a vis the US as mediator in negotiations? ” Please talk about that. Please mention the recent meeting between Israeli Prime Minister and President Trump. Please talk about International theories involving in this conflict.

provided you with 7 sources you must use them and . I need you include 9 more. I’ll check with you during the week, if I need to include anything or to see how the paper coming along.

Again, please follow the research proposal and instructor’s note. You can write the research paper in any angle you want just make sure to follow his guidlenes and instructions.

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