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The Final Essay (Journal 16) will be a summary of all that you learned in this course,
applying the principles and concepts covered in class with your abstract thoughts and
introspection. You might be able to gather points from all your previous journals and
from the readings for the semester. It should be an 8-10-page document in Microsoft
Word, type-written double spaced, with Times New Roman 12’ font. You will post it
as an attached document under the ‘assignment’ tab.
The Final Project will be a PowerPoint presentation on any one of the ethnic minority
groups in the US. The presentation could range from 25 to 30 slides and should
include an overview of the group (introduction, history, population data, social
organization, language, costumes, sustenance, and religion and worship style, with
special focus on their health). You will also explain the specific health problems this
group faces, what cultural factors influence these health issues. All these will
comprise the first part of the project.
The second part will include valuable information you must know about that culture,
when faced with a new immigrant from that culture as a patient, and what resources
that you or a health care provider can use, say, books, articles, internet and brochures,
to get information of that particular group. Add images of the culture, maps,
data/charts, etc., to enrich your presentation. You must do a voice recording of your
presentation, as though you are presenting in front of the whole class. This can be
done via “Jing” or any other software of your choice. If you choose to do the
recording via Jing, you must download Jing initially. The link can be found in the
homepage under ‘Final Essay & Final Project’ subheading. If you use Jing, you will
not be able to do the recording for the entire presentation in one sitting, and hence
your recording should be broken down to 4-6 parts/segments. When submitting your
assignment, please place only the Jing URL links for the different presentation
parts/segments in the assignment submission box under the “assignment” tab.
Remember, the last 1-2 slides of the ppt. should include the bibliography/references
in APA format, about 5-8 references in total. This could include electronic reserve
references or references of the print media (books, magazines, articles, etc.).

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