Cultural background assignment

Write an approximately two to three typed, double spaced pages (550-750 words) description of your cultural background and indicate how you think it might affect your communication with others (both people from the same culture as you and those from other cultures). You might want to talk with other family members before writing this assignment.

When we talk about “Culture” in this class, we are referring to our National, Ethnic, Racial, Religious background (US, Ukrainian, White, would be mine), NOT your hobbies or state or job (travel, California, teaching). Although, “culture” begins to develop and there are aspects of “culture” wherever we find groups of people, these latter human groups are NOT cultures as we are examining them in this class.

NOTE: One and a half pages plus name and course information DOES NOT EQUAL TWO PAGES. To receive a passing grade you must turn in at least TWO FULL PAGES!!! There is one Important thing I’m from Saudi Arabia in the Middle East so I’m international student don’t forget that and no plagiarism please

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