CTE program

After reading Chapter 2 of the book title/The History and Growth of Career and Technical Education in America.Fourth Edition. The author/Howard R. D. GordonRead Chapter 21. Explain why it is important for a teacher to have a philosophy of education.2. Review Prosser’s 16 theorems. Identify three theorems that are still critically important to the success of a CTE program and explain why you believe they are important.Answer the discussion question: start the answer with I believeÖÖQ. For the most part, CTE is separate from Traditional/Academic education. Do you believe it is good to have a dual system of education or should we follow more of a Dewey-type approach?Comments from Support Team: There is also application form need to be answered, I forget to attach it is called; CTSO Application Exercise // Do not forget to do 2 pages for the application exercise separated and follow the instruction for it also answer the evaluation part:.Discipline: Career and Technical Education

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