Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Strategies

CSR Strategies
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important strategic consideration for every firm. There are 5 major components of CSR:
1. Actions to ensure the company operates honorably and ethically
2. Actions to participate in philanthropy and community service
3. Actions to protect and sustain the environment
4. Actions to enhance employee well-being and make the company a great place to work
5. Actions to promote workforce diversity
Options for writing this paper (CHOOSE ONLY ONE OPTION BELOW):
1. Research and discover a current event in the news that is focused on a CSR issue:
a. Describe the issue
b. Who are the main stakeholders
c. What are the competing viewpoints
d. What are your strategic recommendations to resolve this issue

2. Choose a company you are interested in:
a. Describe the company’s background / reasons to implement CSR
b. What actions fit into the 5 major components of CSR
c. What are the company’s mission/vision/values
d. How do their CSR strategies align (or not) with their mission/vision/values
• 3-4 pages
• APA format
• APA citation & reference page
• At least 3 sources
o At least 1 scholarly peer-reviewed article
o Other 2 sources can be credible, reliable business journal (Wall St Journal, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, etc…)



 Social Responsibility

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