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Crude oil carrier market
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The ability to research, process and communicate information in a concise and useable form is a business skill that you will be required to use for the entirety of your career. Recent discussions with both large employers and recruitment professionals in the maritime field suggest it is a skill they are looking for graduates to display.
The production of concise reports summarising a subject of interest to your colleagues, boss or clients is a skill that takes practice. The production of concise summaries requires greater effort than the production of long “windy” reports; you must include sufficient information to make it useful yet keep your prose concise. It is worth noting in business today few people have the luxury of sitting around reading long reports.
In order to produce a concise summary of a subject you must fully understand it. This requires a much more in-depth research process than the length of the report may at first suggest. It is also likely that you will need to edit your first draft a number of times to eliminate any unnecessary waffle.
The first part of your assignment is to produce a concise report on the state of the crude oil carrier market since July 2016.

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