The Assignment is intended for you to reflect critically on the potential application of crowdfunding for entrepreneurial ventures. It should discuss Entrepreneurship theory and relate it to crowdfunding using your personal experience of working on a designated crowdfunding campaign.
In this respect, you are expected to develop a discussion on the topics below using critical thinking and examples to support your arguments.
. 1) Entrepreneurship theory such as characteristics of an entrepreneur, ideation and innovation;
. 2) Crowdfunding theory such as the dynamics of a crowd, the funding mechanism and how to structure a project campaign;

. 3) Designated crowdfunding campaign including challenges, opportunities and personal development from experience;

. 4) Application of crowdfunding to entrepreneurial ventures including how an entrepreneur would use crowdfunding for a new venture;
Whether you believe or not that crowdfunding is appropriate for all or some entrepreneurs, it is important that you are aware of its possibilities and evaluate its potential use for entrepreneur ventures.

Thus you are required to:
– Develop critical discussion of theory related to Entrepreneurship and crowdfunding where you provide demonstrable evidence of your arguments supported and illustrated by relevant examples. .

– Develop critical discussion of practice using your experience in the designated crowdfunding campaign to explain what may worked well or may worked less well;
– Make the link between theory and practice using your discussion of theory and your experience in the designated crowdfunding campaign to critically evaluate how crowdfunding may be applied towards entrepreneurial ventures.

In summary, you reflect on “learning by doing” as you are well-placed to use your crowdfunding experience to evaluate crowdfunding as a tool for entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship.

1. Entrepreneurship Theory
Evidence of wide-ranging reading with critical discussion of theory to evaluate different topics using examples; (20%)
2. Crowdfunding Theory
Evidence of wide-ranging reading with critical discussion of theory to evaluate different topics using examples; (20%)

3. Crowdfunding Experience
Critical discussion of personal role in designated project campaign and feedback about role from project leader; (20%)

4. Application to New Venture
Critical discussion about how an entrepreneur can apply crowdfunding to a new venture including opportunities, challenges and examples; (30%)

5. Presentation & Style
Appropriate report structure with referencing and clear writing style. (10%)

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