Critique on Ronald Coase's article 'the problem of social cost' (1960)

Critique on Ronald Coase’s article ‘the problem of social cost’ (1960)
You have to make a critique on the article by bringing a critique on the central idea, or offering a more annexed reasoning; offer a glimpse of what came after the text in economic theory and/ or contrary developed views, or introducing your point on the basis of particular jurisprudence (a particular case); by basing on market analysis, etc.
It is up to you to define the idea that you want to criticize, and to choose the path by which you want to criticize.

The paper has to be mainly focused on the economic analysis of a competition (law) issue. You can’t rely entirely on law. Instead, the economic reasoning has to be presented in regard to their legal application. The work has to contain something new, eg a unique source, an original approach angle, a new comparison.

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