Critically evaluate the impact of autism on a child’s cognitive and social development.

Critically evaluate the impact of autism on a child’s cognitive and social development.

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Following what we agreed with the support team in our online discussion, I require that only peer reviewed journals be used for this essay (they can easily be accessed in the EBSCO database) and that I am also provided afterwards, by email, with all the journals that the writer has used for this essay, having the used paragraphs in the journals highlighted, for double-checking purposes in order to avoid the any plagiarism problems.
Important emphasis on critical writing and not descriptive writing. Consider the quality of the evidence and argument you have found in the journals; identify key positive and negative aspects you can comment upon; assess their relevance and usefulness to the debate that you are engaging in this assignment; and identify how best they can be woven into the argument that you are developing.
This should include arguments and counter-arguments. Remember to link what you find. Make sure that you have done the basics and answered the question, but then go one step further by questioning something in your essay with other papers that go more in depth, showing that you have done a wider reading. Essays Structure 1. Title 2. Introduction ? What is the essay going to talk about? ? Interpret the question – clarify ? Outline the main issues – address them, how? 3. Paragraphs ? Opening sentence ? Linking sentence ? Main idea – evidence ? Conclude – linking sentence 4. Conclusions 5. References Marking Criteria: 1. Introduction (20%) ?Title provided ?Introduction to essay ?Aim provided 2. Content (60%) ?Key issues identified ?Attempts a critical discussion ?Substantial evidence based discussion of issues 3. Conclusion (10%) ?Summarises essay ?Concluding comments provided 4. Overall presentation, referencing, spelling and grammar (10%) ? Citations in text and reference list correct in APA format ? Excellent presentation (correct APA format) ? Correct spelling and grammar.
Websites or other Internet sources MUST NOT BE USED! Only peer-reviewed journals.

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