critical thinking in the text book.

critical thinking in the text book.

HOMEWORK EXPLAINED – Critical Thinking Writing Response
INSTRUCTIONS – Critical Thinking Writing Response: 11 chapters
After reading the assigned chapter’s students will be placed into groups to discuss their perspective
of the assigned chapter and the chapter FEATURES readings.
1. Students are to select one of the FEATURES readings from the assigned chapter,
2. develop a critical thinking response of 500 words or more,
3. with quotes from the textbook cited in basic APA format.
4. A well-thought out academic response is required when answering the question: How
meaningful is the 1) Chapter reading assignment, and 2) the FEATURE readings toward
developing a broader awareness of social thinking from both a micro perspective (such as within
your community) and macro perspective (global and beyond)?
5. A quick one or two sentence response IS NOT enough to answer each question even when accompanied
by a quote and citation.

TEXTBOOK: ISBN #: 978-1-285-46023-9
Kendall, Diana. (2015). Sociology in our Time. (10th Ed.). McGraw-Hill, New York

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