Critical Review

This task is critical review essay. and the structure as following:
Assessment Instructions (in the file of CRITICAL REVIEW ESSAY in attachments ),
This Critical Review Essay requires four (4) components:
However, you should read this file firstly, you will find an example for each component, please follow it .

The four components are:
(a) A brief overview of your discipline or topic area (What is it about? How long has it been an academic area?), INCLUDING some major journals AND professional/academic organizations in the area (e.g. the AMA, Australian Medical Association);

(b)Literature in the field that is relevant to your specific research interests (What literature exists on your topic or question within the broader research field?);

(c) Methodological literature that is relevant for your project or area;

(d) A critical summary where you identify an area (or areas) in this field that require further research. Even if you are unsure about this part, a clear statement about further areas of investigation will earn good marks.
The point is to see you confidently formulate further areas for your own research.

in component (a) my area is Education ( Comparative Education between Australia and Saudi Arabia)

The References should be 12 references as follow:
*- 2 References about Comparative Education
*- 2 References about Education system in Saudi Arabia – University life
*- 2 References about Education system in Australia – University life
*- 6 References from reading list with attachments.

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