Critical Review

Critical Review

Review paper and write report according to criteria.

100% coursework. There are two pieces of coursework (equally weighted).

(1) A critical review (2,000 words max.) of a single case study published in the journal Cognitive Neuropsychology. Due: Friday 20 November 2015.
Select ONE paper from the list of 3 below:
Caccappolo-van Vliet, E., Miozzo, M., & Stern, Y. (2004). Phonological dyslexia without
phonological impairment. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 21, 820-839.
Blazely, A.M., Coltheart, M., & Casey, B.J. (2005). Semantic impairment with and without
surface dyslexia: Implications for models of reading. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 22,
Rapp, B., Epstein, C., & Tainturier, M-J. (2002). The integration of information across lexical
and sublexical processes in spelling. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 19, 1-29.

Guidelines on format of this exercise:
(a) Give a brief introduction to the general area addressed by the case study.
(b) Give a brief description the general features of the patient, and then present the major results from the testing of the patient.
(c) Interpret the results in terms of a model of normal processing.
(d) Give a critical evaluation of the conclusions of the paper and discuss what additional testing of the patient would need to be explored in order to test the interpretations offered.

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