Critical Read, Review Description, and Follow Instruction

Critical Read, Review Description, and Follow Instruction

Critical Read each individual Response ATTACHED 1. Hi Rasool 2. Marcelle 3.Hi Marcelle 4.Samantha 5.Calena 6. Tamika 7.Hi Rasool and Marcelle. In your own words, respond with constructive feedback, suggestions, questions, and a substantive response FOR EACH OF THE 7 INDIVIDUALRESPONSE LIST.1-7 This Not AN Essay. ////// FOR EXAMPLE: Hello Sonja Fantastic post. I agree that leadership is a broad subject and cannot be restricted to birth alone. Leadership cannot be measured by the level of aristocracy of a nation’s leadership but by the variances that ensure that every person participates. I agree with you on the various elements of participatory leadership. This Not AN Essay

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