Critical Ethical Issues In Health Care Essay Dissertation Help

Critical Ethical Issues In Health Care

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Type: Individual Project
Unit: Critical Ethical Issues in Health Care
Deliverable Length: 3–4 pages with references

Assignment Objectives:

Explain the theoretical basis of ethical behavior and explain the basic elements of normative ethical theory to justify behaviors or situations confronting leaders and managers in decision-making processes.

An Appalachian patient in your health care facility wishes to stop treatment for his stage 4 bone cancer. His family is adamant that he continue the treatments. There have been multiple incidents where the family have verbally abused the nursing staff for consenting to the patient’s wishes. You decide to convene the ethics committee. Discuss this in a paper of 3–4 pages, including the following:

•Using the ethical decision-making frameworks of your choice, how will you lead this committee?
•Who would you include in the committee?

Review the following resources for more information: Attached


American College of Healthcare Executives. (2017). About ACHE: Ethics toolkit. Retrieved from

Bonde, S., & Firenze. P. (2013, May). A framework for making ethical decisions. Retrieved from

Santa Clara University. (2015, August 1). A framework for ethical decision making. Retrieved from

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